I don’t think I ever showed you guys this but we have a dog named Booker and this is his tag.

Booker, fetch!


Alfred Pennyworth is THE reason to read Batman comics.

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All the Single Ladies (Batgirl, Zatanna, Wonder Woman) by Cliff Chiang.

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We love this tentacular Cthulhu chess set. This is the work of Kelsey of LittleFatDragons based in Clayton, North Carolina. Kelsey handmakes each playfully evil piece without using casting or molds, so the chess set is one-of-a-kind.

He may be evil, but Cthulhu is just too stinking cute in this handmade chess set. The Little Fat Cthulhu Custom Chess Set is made to order so you can go with the traditionally evil green and purple or change it up with colors of your choosing.

Here’s what you’ll find on your Cthulhu chess board.

Pawns – Little Fat Tentacles
Rooks – Rhogog
Knights – Zvilpogghua
Bishops – Chaugnar Faugn
Queens/Kings – Little Fat Cthulhu

Visit the LittleFatDragons shop to check out more of Kelsey’s awesome creations. 

Cthulhu fhtagn

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Birds Rights Activist is the best twitter and sometime perfect satire

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Walking in Paradise (Netherlands) by Thijs van den Burg

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The Walking Drake

Last day of Comic Con. Come see me at table F-07 and the end of row 700

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So let me see if I’ve got this right: Gal Gadot is “too skinny” to play Wonder Woman and the whole debacle is just underscoring Hollywood’s constant need to skinny-fy all the women… but Kacy Catanzaro (American Ninja Warrior champ) is awesome and perfect and a great role model. Even though she’s skinny, too.