When your sexy is disrupted.

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More humanized!stick-gods! Because why not? …I still want to send these goobers to Vegas and see what happens. >_>

But yeah, we’ve got Horus (acting kinda bratty), Hapi (looking pretty chill), “Party God” Ra (HAH I don’t know wtf, that was the caption I’d written next to the original sketch, but it looks like he’s ready for the pool), and Thoth & Anubis (Thoth has visited Vegas already with Bastet in a modern Pesedjet spin-off, though he doesn’t remember much; Anpu doesn’t care).
















last time i did this my wish really came true. so im going to wish again

nothing to lose. :))

Let’s hope

Why not? :)

*crossing fingers*

pretty much^^^^

i got nothing to lose. (:

Last time i did this my wish came true.

Jesus Christ if my wish comes true I will piss

please work omg

looks fun lol



Well, i got nothing to lose, might as well try it

This shall be interesting😌

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A thrilling saga from my school

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I live in a conservative/unfunny town, so this type of thing is almost unheard of

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MIKE ROUSH / The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl / 5:16

I have always been fascinated by wildlife documentaries. As a kid I would take my mom’s camera and try and get as close to the neighborhood animals as I could. Most of the time this would mean long hours sitting motionless on the back deck with bird seed sprinkled on my lap and shoulders. I never got the shot I wanted, so when Chris and Shannon  asked me if I wanted to make an animated film for Titmouse, I said yes before they finished asking. 


Chris and Shannon Prynoski, Dik Pose, and I Line up a shot in the middle of nowhere. photo by Steve Kellener.


Early thumbnails of the burrowing owl.


Rough turnaround.

"Owl" was animated in Flash. I used a technique where I would animate traditionally very rough, then I would take a second pass cleaning up symbols that I would be able to reuse later. Most of the final animation you see in "Owl" is puppeted symbol animation with hundreds of symbols and a different puppet for each shot. This way I could get the detail and animation quality I wanted.


The Flash break-down on one of the owl puppets. Lots of feathers!

One of my favorite parts of making this film was having to get out of the studio and go on location. I found an amazing place in central California called The Carrizo Plain using google maps. I spent the weekends driving all around taking pictures and exploring. Fun fact: The burrow used in the short was an actual owl burrow. On one of the days I was taking photos of the burrow one hissed at me from inside the burrow with it’s rattlesnake like call. It scared me nearly to death.


This is how I made all the “live action” backgrounds. I drew a storyboard of what I wanted and photo collaged lots of pictures together to make it look like what I drew. Unfortunately these places don’t exist in real life.


Whenever the owl had to touch the flower or fork, I took hundreds of photos, cut them out in photoshop and animated them. Fun.


On location I used a couple stand-in models to get the lighting right and a maquette when animating for inspiration.

I had a great time making this film and when I was done we were lucky enough to show it at festivals around the world. After 4 years the “Owl” showed at more than 40 festivals, in over 25 countries. 

Can’t wait to do another one.

Mike’s Tumblr

Mike Roush’s incredible short film is now online!!! Don’t miss this one, folks! It’ll stick to your ribs likes delicious cartoon BBQ!

I was lucky enough to catch this at an animation festival a while back and it blows my mind as much now as it did then



Harfang Style.



Now that is a superb owl. A glorious one, even.

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After reblogging that quote I went and read the reddit post it came from. It is, indeed, well-written and uses far nicer words than I would have to describe the people at the core of the “movement”. It also implied a few things that puzzled me and that surprise only grew as I skimmed over some of the comments to the article.

Seeing a few Gamergaters preach about how they aren’t a hate group, they’re about exposing corruption in gaming journalism, I took them at their word. I came up with three or four situations in which corruption would be clear cut, most of which involved major game devs giving various types of bribes to reviewers. If you’re seeking corruption, that seemed to be the most obvious path to me.

Except… that doesn’t seem to be what the few “legitimate” gaters care about. Their complaints seem to stem more from the idea of reviewers bringing their political beliefs into play while reporting on games. So it isn’t about corruption at all, it’s about reporters expressing opinions that gaters don’t want expressed. There’s nothing about how the juggernauts of gaming are giving away gaming systems or handing out free games and swag to reviewers, there’s nothing about reporters colluding with game reps, it’s just about journalists having their own “biases” when reporting on industry stuff.

Are headlines clickbait-y? Yes. Is it stupid? Yes. Is it evidence of corruption? I wouldn’t have called it such, especially since the practice is so commonplace that it’s hard to find headlines that AREN’T clickbait. It’s a known hazard and one that most people with any common sense are aware of and know how to handle. That doesn’t make it “corruption” or if it does it’s the lowest end of the spectrum, especially compared to outright bribery and collusion.

The writeup on reddit is worth a read. The replies are less so, unless you enjoy watching misogynists and right-wing extremists trying to deny everything while confirming what’s been said. How disappointing. If they wanted to discuss REAL corruption I think they’d find much firmer ground to stand on… as long as they adopted a new hashtag.

But this is only going to be a real debate if you guys can cop to your real-life feelings and opinions. You should have a bit more courage and put your actual motives front and center. Instead, because some of you do have a certain degree of political savvy, as is evidenced whenever GamerGaters on 8chan and elsewhere try to rein in their more unhinged peers, you’ve decided to go the “journalism ethics” route.

Unfortunately, that sauce is incredibly weak.

WOW, so this is from a Reddit post by a journalist, responding to criticism of a piece he wrote about #GamerGate in the Boston Globe

This quote is a highlight from an outstanding post, one of the most direct, perfect take-downs of people’s bullshit defenses I’ve seen, so I went to dig up the author’s name to credit him for this quote and guess what! He’s hannanimal's ex roommate Jesse Singal, a really cool and smart dude. I love when someone I already liked makes me like them even more. 

One of his friends popped Michael, our inflatable penguin, but I refuse to hold that against him.

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Steampunk Nautilus 2013 - Courtesy Doctor Grymm

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